Deploying Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) with Microsoft Intune

This is a few weeks old now but I thought I would run through the process as someone somewhere will find use of the write up.

I’m using Microsoft Intune here, it also comes under the Microsoft Endpoint Manager branding but just be clear I’m using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center ( and my devices are enrolled into the solution formerly known as Intune.

At the time of writing, these were in preview and we can deploy to Windows 10 and MacOS from the get-go. The wizard is provided for us as we can manage Edge outside of the OS as we can with Office 365 for example.

First up Windows 10

As there is a wizard provided, we can simply follow the steps provided.

Browse through the console to Apps > All Apps and choose to add an App.

Select Microsoft Edge, version 77 or later and choose the Windows 10 variant.


Amend or add any details you want to. Maybe you will have a different configuration per department, location or device type. You might also choose to deploy a specific channel. Name it accordingly here.


Now you have a choice of channel for this Edge deployment. By this, we mean the ‘Stable’ release (most likely for production) the Beta or the bleeding edge Dev version. Your choice, but I’d recommend Stable for the mass deployment.


Note also that depending on which version you choose, you’ll see a slightly different logo.


Now you can add any scope tags you may need for this deployment. This will allow you to control who can work with this specific application deployment based on the scopes they can work with.


Next you can add the groups that the application will be required for or made available to. Be clear that if you want to make it available, you need to use a user group and the device they are using has to be enrolled. In that scenario the application will show in the company portal.

For mine I am making it a required assignment and am using a device based group.


Review all that you have selected and once you are happy you can hit Next and away you go.


On my test device which is a member of that group, I didn’t have Company Portal installed but the deployment still kicked in and there are some notifications that pop up and can be seen in the action center.

As you can also see, Edge is deployed. Simple as.


And away you go. Note also that this was the default browser for html etc so that kicked in too.


Second up, MacOS

You will have noticed in the wizard there is also an option for deploying Edge to MacOS. Not necessarily the most popular choice with Mac users but it is a favourite with the admin as we can control this a little more than Safari for example. Besides that, it’s actually a pretty nice web browser so you might just want to give the user a choice whilst maintaining an element of control.

So, browse through the console to Apps > All Apps and choose to add an App.

Select Microsoft Edge, version 77 or later and choose the MacOS variant.


In the same way as the Windows 10 deployment, change or add info as you see fit.


Same as Windows 10 again, choose the channel you want to use, again I’m going stable for this Mac.


Scope tags can be set if you need to.


Note that on the assignment page, we can deploy as required or as available for enrolled devices. There is no Uninstall option here right now.


Now you can again review you have selected and go create.


In my testing, the Mac took quite a while to pick this up despite several attempts to check for policy etc. But, it is in preview so it’s forgiven for now. It did eventually arrive though once I decided to go and do something else so probably up to an hour in my case.


All is now well and you can go further and configure the apps on both Windows 10 and MacOS. I’ll cover that in a follow up post so stay tuned.


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