No cluster.log on your Windows 2008 cluster?

If you’ve been wondering where your cluster.log file is on your Windows Server 2008 cluster then you may be disappointed to find out that it no longer exists in 2008. Don’t be disheartened though as you can still generate a log file for your troubleshooting.
In an elevated command prompt (if using UAC) type the following command…

  • cluster.exe log /generate /copy:”c:logs”

This will generate you a log file for each cluster node in c:logs. You will then get a “Server1_Cluster.log” in the location you specified. You can change this location and/or node as you please by using the various commands supplied below. Hey Presto! You now have a log file to troubleshoot from.

This is the full list of available switches when you the “cluster.exe log” command.
C:>cluster log /?
The syntax of this command is:

CLUSTER [[/CLUSTER:]cluster-name] LOG <options>
<options> =
/G[EN[ERATE]] [/COPY[:”directory”]] [/NODE:”node-name”] [/SPAN[MIN[UTE[S]]]:min] ]

The /SIZE must be between 8 and 1024 MB
The /LEVEL must be between 0 and 5


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