Me and My Portable Office

As an IT consultant I travel all over the UK wherever the work takes me. This means working when, how and where you can. Trains, planes and automobiles is the old adage and I can honestly say I’ve worked in or on each as well as the obligatory hotels, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, car showrooms (yes!) and not forgetting my own home. When you are out and about so much your bag becomes your office in the day, entertainment centre at night and your device becomes your portal into the world so it’s important to have the right kit for the job. A device that you can work on, play on and browse on is definitely the way forward. I’ve balanced my brick of a laptop on a tiny drop down tray on trains and planes whilst trying to upright the snoring man beside me, it’s not ideal. Reading emails on your phone is great but let’s face it you’re not going to write that war and peace reply without incurring a repetitive strain injury.

It’s great to use apps when I’m browsing my social media telling the world how long it took me to get to work today and entertaining yourself with the endless supply of games, soundboards and the like. As a ‘techy’ though I often need to test my work and go beyond the realms of the ‘standard’ application set so working within an application store doesn’t always cut the mustard for me. I want to run scripts, edit stuff, test stuff, generally muck around and preferably do it all in a virtual sandbox so virtualisation capabilities are a must, especially when I can’t get to the cloud.

A device that could do all of this would be a marvel of modern science, that and make my life and probably my back, a whole lot better!

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