Configuration Manager 1906–Office Management

If you haven’t seen the parent post for this article, jump back here to see a complete list of all new features in Configuration Manager 1906.

This post covers the specific additions and improvements to Office Management that were added to Configuration Manager 1906.

Office 365 ProPlus upgrade readiness dashboard

After the flurry of Office management additions in the last release (1902) we have just the one this time and it comes in the form of another dashboard.

This dashboard adds to the features from last time by adding the following tiles to the dashboard:

    • Deployment
    • Device readiness
    • Add-in readiness
    • Add-in support statements
    • Top add-ins by count of version
    • Number of devices that have macros
    • Macro readiness
    • Macro advisories

If you’re looking for this new addition you need to visit Software Library > Office 365 Client Management > Office 365 Proplus Upgrade Readiness


I don’t have sufficient clients in my lab to re-create this particular one so I will refer you to the Microsoft doc where screenshots are shown.

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