Renewing Azure AD Application Secret in Configuration Manager

Whilst working in my lab recently I realised the secret key for one of my Azure App registrations was expired. Incidentally I noticed this first in the Azure portal but then I don’t work in my lab all the time and it does show the expiry there too.



Now, I have the option to renew this in the Azure Portal or in the ConfigMgr portal. As I’m using this exclusively for ConfigMgr, I’m going to use the built-in feature for this as I know everything will be set as required. In earlier versions of ConfigMgr this was a manual task (I’m using 1906).

So I can right click the Application or use the ribbon to renew the Secret Key. FYI, this “Application” translates as an App Registration in the Azure portal, this may not be initially clear to you.


Simple as that, you will be asked to authenticate against Microsoft Azure and the prompt should be returned that the key has been renewed.


If you want to go check in the Azure Portal then you should see that is also reflected.


That’s it. You’re ready for another year of service from your App registration.


One thought on “Renewing Azure AD Application Secret in Configuration Manager

  1. When I try to renew secret key for two app I have this error:
    “Failed to renew the secret key for AAD server application. Failed to get server app”
    This because I have deleted these apps from Azure.
    Now, how can I delete also from SCCM to hide expired secret key notification on top of console?

    Thank you.


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