Configuration Manager 1906–Content Management

If you haven’t seen the parent post for this article, jump back here to see a complete list of all new features in Configuration Manager 1906.

This post covers the specific additions and improvements to content management that were added to Configuration Manager 1906.

Delivery Optimisation download data in client data sources dashboard

As delivery optimisation progresses its way into Configuration Manager more and more we now also see an addition to the Client Data Sources dashboard which exists under Monitoring > Distribution Status > Client Data Sources


Make a note though, to enable DO within this dashboard you need to have enabled and deployed Express Updates. This can be configured in the properties of your software update point and updates deployed as usual.

Use your distribution point as an in-network cache server for Delivery Optimisation – DOINC!

The technology fondly known as DOINC (you read it right) has now been put into a production version of Configuration Manager and this is quite a landmark role in my mind. If you’re not already familiar with DOINC, it essentially allows you to create a local cache server for DO on your existing distribution points. When you consider what kind of content uses DO, this includes cloud-based content and so we are effectively bringing cloud on–premises and not necessarily the other way around. Now consider when Microsoft refer to ConfigMgr and Intune as complimentary solutions you can see that this feature can be the glue that truly brings them together instead of a here or there type approach.

If you want to know more before you enable this (and I highly recommend this), take a read here –

To enable this, you need to go to the properties of your distribution point and you should immediately see the relevant options on the general tab.


Once you have enabled DOINC on the distribution point, we need to enable it in client settings and deploy those where applicable.


Note here that there are two options. One which will utilise your boundary groups as DO groups and one which enables ConfigMgr devices to use DOINC for content download.

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