Configuration Manager 1906–Real-time Management

If you haven’t seen the parent post for this article, jump back here to see a complete list of all new features in Configuration Manager 1906.

This post covers the specific additions and improvements to the real-time management features that were added to Configuration Manager 1906.

Add joins, additional operators and aggregators in CMPivot

If you haven’t yet worked with CMPivot in your Configuration Manager environment I encourage you to do so. As the product shakes off it’s ‘slow moving software’  nick name from years gone by this component will become key. With that in mind, no surprise that there has been additions to CMPivot in 1906.

We now have the capability to use additional arithmetic operators and joins between tables along with aggregators such as percentile and sum if.  Full details on this one can be found here –

CMPivot Standalone

Whilst this is currently in pre-release and English only, many ConfigMgr users will be pleased to see the option to run CMPivot outside of the main console. I can think of many organisations that may want to give this kind of tool to their BI person, reports specialist or helpdesk. Who knows, maybe even your boss can get to grips with this to self serve their info :)
The file can be found in your <Configuration Manager Install Folder\Tools\CMPivot


You will need to run the MSI file which trigger an installer. This program does not run with the single file.





Now you will need to make a connection to the site just the same as you do with the full console. RBAC is honoured as you would expect.

Added permissions to the Security Administrator role

Finally, some more permissions have been added to the Security Administrator role which again is good to see as I’m a big fan of RBAC in all places possible within the ConfigMgr console.

  • Read on SMS Script
  • Run CMPivot on Collection
  • Read on Inventory Report


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