Quick Tip: Microsoft Endpoint Manager URL

A very quick tip which I thought I would write down, simply because there are lots of people that don’t realise this. Many times people have seen me use this and didn’t realise it was possible.
If you’re working across several Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenants, you know it can sometimes be a little confusing switching between tenants and remembering where you are and who you’re logging in with etc.

Using your favourite web browser, you can add the tenant domain name on the end of the URL following endpoint.microsoft.com

E.g. http://endpoint.microsoft.com/mytenant.com

That will then take you directly to the tenant you specified. You can also use the onmicrosoft.com domain name.

Be mindful that this doesn’t work if you’re using the short codes like http://aka.ms/memac (yes that’s real too)

Extra Tip

You can do the same with the Azure portal, but not all Microsoft portals do support this method so be careful.

Extra Extra Tip

Create some browser shortcuts or bookmarks for each tenant if it’s a regular occurrence or you’re using different accounts and can’t easily switch between tenants through the same session.


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