Stepping over to the other side

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least, for pretty much everyone. For me personally it’s been without a doubt the most challenging from a professional perspective in my 20 years working in IT. They say the only constant in IT is change (so very true BTW) and so when opportunities come and the time is right, change happens. With that in mind I’m pleased to say that I recently joined Microsoft working in their Fast Track team. So after the aforementioned 20 years (oddly, to the day) working pretty much exclusively with Microsoft technologies, I’m now ‘stepping over to the other side’ as they say and working for Microsoft instead of with them.

What changes?

Well apart from the obvious, I now relinquish my MVP award and I’m no longer part of the Enterprise Mobility group of MVPs. I’m privileged to have been in that group for just a few years and I’d recommend it to anyone. I will also add that the appreciation between Microsoft and MVPs works both ways, certainly in the Endpoint Manager group. Something else that changes a little bit is my specialism which is (for now) Endpoint Manager and Azure Active Directory Premium. Expect to see more related posts on this blog.

IT community has played a large part in my career, especially over the last 8 years. Undoubtedly I’ve gained more overall from my involvement in this than any ‘day job’ activities. The two work together though. I’m still in a work honeymoon period right now but I plan to continue writing blogs and doing videos, if not increasing that. This year has pretty much frozen out WMUG as we’ve done only one meet up before pandemic lockdowns. I’m no longer in any control of organising events with WMUG so I can’t say right now if I’ll be involved there, it’s out of my hands but I’d love to still be involved with community events and conferences where possible.

That’s it, I will keep you no more. A quick nod to all previous employers and colleagues for all your support, assistance and exposure which has enabled me to come this far. Here’s to the next 20.



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