Configuration Manager 2012 Security Role ID

I’ve been using powershell with Configuration Manager recently and I’ve been looking at security roles. If you’re looking to create your own security roles with powershell and you don’t already have a template, you’ll first need to copy one of the existing roles to get started. To do this you need to know the role ID for the source security role, these aren’t so easy to find so here you go:

Full Administrator SMS0001R
Read-Only Analyst SMS0002R
Remote Tools Operator SMS0003R
Asset Manager SMS0004R
Compliance Settings Manager SMS0006R
Application Deployment Manager SMS0007R
Application Author SMS0008R
Application Administrator SMS0009R
Operating System Deployment Manager SMS000AR
Infrastructure Administrator SMS000BR
Software Update Manager SMS000CR
Operations Administrator SMS000ER
Security Administrator SMS000FR
Endpoint Protection Manager SMS000GR

You’ll want to use these with the Copy-CMSecurityRole powershell command. Keep an eye out for some scripts which I plan to make available soon which should make your ConfigMgr life a little easier.

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