MDT Driver Exporter

Working for a customer recently I had the task of migrating some task sequences from MDT to Configuration Manager. When looking at drivers, in MDT they have a logical folder structure like so:


I needed to re-create this structure in Configuration Manager however they didn’t have the driver source any more. So behind the scenes of the workbench it just looks like this:


I asked the mailing list if anyone knew a way to re-create the structure en masse? At least in some way associate the driver with the model so I could create driver packages in Configuration Manager. I can see the individual driver path so in theory I could work it out but it would take a very very long time.

Fellow WMUGer Paul Winstanley (@SCCMentor) popped up with the following suggestion as something he was intending to try out as he had a similar scenario.

The MDT Driver Exporter by Oddvar Håland Moe

Download it here –

It is essentially a PowerShell GUI which will export the relevant drivers from the folder structure. Here’s how it worked for me:
(forgive the crude screenshots and typo, this was a quick post)

Set the execution policy to unrestricted and run the DriverExporter_GUIVersion_1_3.ps1


Wait a minute or so for this to pop up:


Select your folders:


Hit Export and choose where you want it to go:


When you click OK it will process the first selected folder, the GUI may go not responding whilst it works. Watch out for the pop-up which can be behind the window in focus.


You will see the relevant folder created in your export location. Click OK and it will start the next folder you.



Again the next folder will be created. Click OK and so on to continue through the selections.

I now have 2 folders with relevant to my MDT folder which in my case is by model. I can’t tell you how much time this saves if you find yourself in this scenario.

Next step is to import these into Configuration Manager as normal.

Great job Oddvar Håland Moe !!

Download the tool here –

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