The Easy Setup Package in Configuration Manager Current Branch

I decided to write about this as something for reference for those folk that are making the jump to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch. If you are moving from an older version then you won’t have seen this before and you might not even notice it but for the eagle eyed hopefully this should go some way to help your understanding.

So here I am in my Configuration Manager Current Branch lab and we can see through the Monitoring workspace under Distribution Status > Content Status that there is a package called “…Easy Setup Package”


You will also find that if you go look for this in the Software Library workspace and look in Application Management > Packages that it’s not there. Spooky.


So what is that all about? How can a package not be a package?

If we take a look in the database (at your own risk!) We can see a little bit more information. Specifically, the source path. Great now we can find out what the package is!

FROM [CM_INF].[dbo].[SMSPackages_G]
WHERE PkgID = ‘INF00006’


So what’s in there?


Well that looks familiar doesn’t it? It looks remarkably like the installation media. That’s because it essentially is the installation media and also includes the updated installation files in the “redist” folder that we normally need to download for installation.

As we now have in-product incremental updating available in Configuration Manager Current Branch, when an update becomes available it is downloaded automatically to the site server ready for the ‘Easy Setup’, hence the name Easy Setup Payload. This is used during the product upgrade process for incremental versions. For example when upgrading from v1511 to v1602. As to why this is not shown as a package this will undoubtedly be because the lovely folk in the product team don’t want us playing around with it but it still needs to be there within the content library for the upgrade process.

So, now you know.


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