Configuration Manager 1902–Site infrastructure improvements

If you haven’t seen the parent post for this article, jump back here to see a complete list of all new features in Configuration Manager 1902.

This post covers the specific additions and improvements to the site infrastructure that were added to Configuration Manager 1902.

Client health Dashboard




New management insight rules

Management insights is becoming a very interesting area for Configuration Manager as Microsoft seek to leverage their significant investments in data analytics and artificial intelligence. The additions here further enhance the offering from previous versions by creating more rules around recommended use of collections – a key area for performance sapping – and further rules around Windows 10 devices that are at or coming to (within 3 months) the end of their supported lifecycle.




Improvements to enhanced HTTP (E-HTTP)

Microsoft are pushing on with their use of enhanced HTTP within Configuration Manager which is nice to see for those who can’t, don’t want to or simply struggle with a full PKI implementation. Now we can utilise E-HTTP at site level for primary sites or central administration sites.

If you’ve not heard of enhanced HTTP before, go check out this link –

Improvements to setup pre-requisites

A simple yet hugely useful addition here. The setup pre-req checker will now check for pending restarts on remote SQL servers. Previously this was only catered for local systems.

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