**UPDATED** Configuration Manager Patch – KB3155482

On the 27th May 2016 Microsoft released an update rollup for Configuration Manager Current Branch related to knowledgebase article KB3155482. This is a significant update in that it is the first update rollup to be released through the current branch in-console servicing facility, previous releases have been Configuration Manager build releases. The update rollup includes fixes for Remote Control, the DBSchemaChangeHistory in the database and 5 different Intune/MDM fixes.


The process to apply this update is the same as previous Configuration Manager in-console updates using the Administration workspace > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing.

2016-06-06 11_28_37-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

You can then choose to run the prerequisite check (which I would strongly advise). As the console doesn’t really give you much information on this you can check the progress in the CMUpdate.log file which is stored in your .\Configuration Manager\Logs folder. Once this is complete you will see a Prerequisite check passed (or failed) notification in the console.

From here you can Install Update Pack either from the ribbon or right click.

2016-06-06 11_33_29-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

Note the inclusion of site server updates, console updates and client updates. Hit Next.

2016-06-06 11_33_54-Greenshot

Choose whether you want to upgrade your clients without validating them, or validate them in a pre-production collection. Normally I would recommend using the pre-production collection feature, but in this example I was in a clean install of Configuration Manager so I didn’t really need to. If you do choose the pre-production collection option, once you have completed your testing you can revisit this update in the console and select client update options to change the choice which will overwrite the client package and thus  make it your production client.

Either way, hit Next.

2016-06-06 11_34_00-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

Tick the box to agree the license terms and privacy statement. Hit Next.

2016-06-06 11_34_07-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

Review the summary and hit Next.

2016-06-06 11_34_22-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

That’s it you have instigated the installation of the patch rollup. You can check the progress again in your CMUpdate.log.

If you keep the Configuration Manager console open you will notice after a short time that you are prompted to upgrade the console which requires you to close your existing session.

2016-06-06 11_49_42-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

Go and grab a drink and come back a few minutes later and your console will be updated. If you’re a little impatient and try to open the console too soon, you’ll be prompted to go away for a little while longer.

2016-06-06 11_50_15-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

Once the console has finished doing it’s thing you can open it up and you will run through the brief wizard to complete the update.

2016-06-06 11_51_50-sccmprimary - Remote Desktop Connection

Hit Finish.


If you now head back into the Updates and Servicing node you should see that the update has applied. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for your clients updating over time though and as with any update look out for any odd behaviour which could be attributed to the update.


***UPDATE 09/06/16***

I just wanted to add a quick update to mention that there are rumbles of a specific issue with the order in which you apply the patch to client machines. It seems that if you have applied build 1602 and used a pre-production collection for your clients and you then apply this patch before promoting build 1602 to production then the client version numbers becomes confused. The result is your clients think they are already on build 1602 + hotfix and therefore don’t upgrade.

To avoid this you should apply build 1602 to production clients prior to applying the hotfix. This seems to be a bug and an unforeseen circumstance so we’ll have to wait and see what comes out of Microsoft on this one.

More info can be found here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/d8f01d28-e21a-49cd-80b7-a0cba6a200ca/1511-client-after-1602-kb3155482-upgrade?forum=ConfigMgrCBGeneral

Thanks to Paul Winstanley for the tip off.

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