Improvements to SCCM Win10 in-place upgrade task sequence–Tech Preview 1802

Another of the enhancements delivered with Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1802 are extra groups added to the in-place upgrade task sequence. This includes groups in preparation for upgrade and also post-processing groups.



The official documentation for this can be found here –

I’m not going to rewrite everything in this blog post as the original documentation is fairly thorough on this but if you create a new in-place upgrade task sequence in SCCM you will see these steps available. Don’t forget, to create an in-place upgrade task sequence you need to have first created an operating system upgrade package. This is simply an extracted iso image of Windows 10 that you use as the data source. That one seems to catch a lot of people out.

I like that Microsoft are giving a standardisation for upgrade task sequences based on experiences so far. I’m particularly a fan of some of the post-processing groups in here and the information provided in the link above shows how you can use this to set Windows default apps and associations based on a pre-captured export from an existing machine.

Go check it out!


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