Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1802–What’s new?

So each month I try to cover what’s new in the tech preview version of Configuration Manager. This month however, was a little different. Microsoft dropped the proverbial bomb of Tech Preview 1802 in mid-Feb and it was a big one, no fewer than 21 new features to cover off and a combination of life and work kind of got in the way this month for me. I hit the upgrade button on the day and this is probably the first time I’ve managed to get back and look at it. This month therefore will be split out into bite size blog posts and perhaps the odd video covering off all the great new stuff that Microsoft have made available for us to play with.

If you want to read the official post then check it out here –

The official docs on this stuff just seem to get better and better but there’s nothing quite like getting hands on with the new features.


In quick summary we have the following headline features:

See what I mean? The team has obviously had a productive January!

I’ll come back to this post as I work through the features and link the above items to the relevant post as and when I can. In the mean time go ahead and hit the Install button on your tech preview if you haven’t already.

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