Changes to SCCM phased deployments–Tech Preview 1802

In Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1802 there were some small addition to phased task sequence deployments which were introduced in technical preview 1801. If you want to learn about those then check out my previous post on this –

In 1801 those phased deployment were just about whetting the appetite and it actually didn’t do anything as there were promised of more to come. The changes introduced in 1802 allows you to progress your deployment into the production phase. Simple, but effective.

Taken directly from the Microsoft documentation you need to run a SQL query to trigger the production phase of the deployment.

  1. Identify the PhasedDeploymentID for the deployment you created with the following SQL query:
    Select * from PhasedDeployment
  2. Run the following statement to start the production phase:
    UPDATE PhasedDeployment SET EvaluatePhasedDeployment = 1, Action = 3 WHERE PhasedDeploymentID = <Phased Deployment ID>

Keep an eye on this feature as there will be lot’s more to work with over the coming months.


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