Deployment Templates for SCCM task sequences–Tech Preview 1802

One the nice little features announced in Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1802 was deployment templates for task sequences. How many times have you deployed a task sequence and you virtually go into robot mode hitting next, next, tick box, finish?

In the same was as you can use templates in automatic deployment rules for software updates you can now use this same format for task sequences. It’s a no brainer really when you think about it. Be clear, this is a template for the deployment only, not a template for the actual task sequence. Here’s how.

Firstly you will need to create a deployment for your task sequence, I’m not going to go back to basics here and I’ll assume you know that bit. Once you have made all your deployment selections including scheduling, user experience and the like, you will be presented with the option to “Save As Template”


Once you have selected this option you can name the deployment template and see all the selected steps. What I really like about this little wizard is that you have the option to browse for existing templates and you can amend the options on the deployment without having to re-run the wizard.



Once you have saved your template you can re-use those selections over and over. Next time you come to deploy a task sequence you will note you have the option to select a deployment template, also note within this dialog you can rename your templates.


Once you make your deployment template selection you can hit next and either step through the pages of the wizard making small amendments or simply fast forward to the summary by hitting the step link on the left of the wizard



That’s it! Some simple graphical automation which will undoubtedly save us all some time in the long run.


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