Approve SCCM application requests for users per device–Tech Preview 1802

The application approval feature of Configuration Manager is something that has laid fairly untouched for quite a while and in Technical Preview 1802 the team have added some functionality which I’m sure will prove useful to many. Once an application is deployed that requires approval…


and the end user decides to request the application…


Note the application request now contains the device name from where the application request was made. The administrator can approve (or decline) that request and the application is only approved for installation on that device alone. If the user wants to then install this application on another device they must request it again as a new application.


The user can then install that application by re-visiting Software Center as usual.


This is a nice little addition to the approval process, it gives me some hope that we might see further development in this area.


4 thoughts on “Approve SCCM application requests for users per device–Tech Preview 1802

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  2. After upgrading from 1607 to 1802, i have an issue where i cannot request software, it says

    software cannot be loaded. there is a problem loading the required components for Software Center. You can try launching Software Center at a later time. IF the problem continues, you can contact your helpdesk.

    other application that are made as available are working just fine.

    Can you point me in the right direction.


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