Speaking: Cloud Camp Dublin 2018


I received a nice email earlier in amongst the lots of noise in my inbox, I will be speaking at Cloud Camp in Dublin on October 17th of this year!

Cloud Camp is organised by MicroWarehouse over in Ireland and is fronted by the one and only Aidan Finn. Check out the conference website for ticket information and I’d love to see you there.

I chose to submit a Windows AutoPilot session for this conference as this is a great example of Microsoft cloud technology for client management and is that little bit different from your usual Azure based IaaS or PaaS sessions. I delivered a similar session earlier this year and was approached at the end of the session by someone who expresses their gratitude for including something a little bit more client focused in a cloud themed day.

Needless to say, AutoPilot is proving to be a real option for organisations when provisioning new Windows 10 devices and I for one think it’s a really cool option which is growing in functionality all the time. If you want to learn more about AutoPilot, why not go and check out the new dedicated landing page that Microsoft have created. More proof that this technology is more than just a fad.



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