Configuration Manager 1902–Software Updates

If you haven’t seen the parent post for this article, jump back here to see a complete list of all new features in Configuration Manager 1902.

This post covers the specific additions and improvements to Software Updates that were added to Configuration Manager 1902

Specify priority for feature updates in Windows 10 servicing

Just one update for Software Updates but this is a nice one to have for many organisations. By default when we apply feature updates to a device through servicing plans, the feature update is given higher processing priority to hurry it through and make the experience as quick as possible. Many people would argue however that this should not be the case and actually feature updates should take minimal effect possible on the device so that the user can continue to work effectively during the upgrade. Microsoft have now added a priority within Client Settings. Under Software Updates, we can now set feature updates to run at a normal priority or a low priority. The default will continue to be high priority of you do not configure this setting. I like this option being within client settings as we can mix and match in our collections as there may be devices that are OK to be slowed temporarily and some that are not. Nice work.


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