[UPDATED] AutoPilot Error codes and my Global Azure Bootcamp demo failure

I did a demonstration of Windows AutoPilot at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Birmingham last Saturday 21st April, my demo failed so I had to flip to a pre-recorded demonstration. I also mentioned that I’d been having some issues the previous week when preparing for the demo and if I found out the cause I would share it. Well, here it is. I found out today that there have been some changes to AutoPilot requirements and if the device you are adding is already joined to Azure Active Directory then the import will fail. As I am using a limited number of demonstration machines then I fell foul of this one without realising. The error code I received was wadp010 which as you can see in the table below is not massively helpful. I am reliably informed that this specific issue will soon show a wadp014 error instead. However, as this is still very new the documentation is yet to be updated to reflect this. I have of course asked for some further information on this which I will share as and when I have anything.

In the meantime, to clarify these are the error codes right now. Once I see the new list I will share that also.

Taken from https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-store/add-profile-to-devices

AutoPilot device information file error

Here’s info on some of the errors you might see while
working with AutoPilot deployment profiles
in Microsoft Store for Business and

Message Id Message explanation
wadp001 Check your file, or ask your device partner for a
complete .csv file. This file is missing Serial Number and Product Id
wadp002 Check your file, or ask your device partner for
updated hardware hash info in the .csv file. Hardware hash info is invalid in
the current .csv file.
wadp003 Looks like you need more than one .csv file for your
devices. The maximum allowed is 1,000 items. You’re over the limit! Divide this
device data into multiple .csv files.
wadp004 Try that again. Something happened on our end.
Waiting a bit might help.
wadp005 Check your .csv file with your device provider. One
of the devices on your list has been claimed by another
wadp006 Try that again. Something happened on our end.
Waiting a bit might help.
wadp007 Check the info for this device in your .csv file. The
device is already registered in your organization.
wadp008 The device does not meet AutoPilot Deployment
wadp009 Check with your device provider for an update .csv
file. The current file doesn’t work
wadp010 Try that again. Something happened on our end.
Waiting a bit might help.

[UPDATE 24/05/18]

Michael Niehaus tweeted today to confirm that the errors I saw for my duplicate Azure AD devices will no longer appear. If you now import an existing device it will use the existing record. I’m really happy that Microsoft are actively working with AutoPilot and taking feedback from end users.


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