Awarded Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP 2018-2019

I’m extremely pleased and happy to be able to announce that today (1st June 2018) I received an email to tell me that I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in Enterprise Mobility for 2018-2019.


To say I am pleased is an understatement and naturally I have a list of thank yous for people who have helped me to achieve this.

First and foremost my family – My wonderful (and patient) wife Anna, sons Adam and Lucas, Mum, Dad, Brother, Chris and Harry, Helen, Martin and Charlotte. They have all helped in their own ways over the years.

WMUG – I made a conscious decision to get involved in IT community through the Windows Management User Group back in 2013. The community leaders, contributors attendees and other organisers have helped me no end in both my learning and contributions over those years.

Employers/colleagues past and present – I also need to thank employers and colleagues past and present for not only the opportunity to work with some of the best Microsoft products but also their support in my contributions and attendance to various user groups, conferences and meetups etc.

The Configuration Manager/EM+S IT Community – I also need to add thanks to all those involved writing blogs, speaking, tweeting and generally sharing their experiences and advice to others. I use these sources of information so it’s only right that I contribute too.

Microsoft – For having such an awesome programme and also for recognising me in this way. I appreciate this a lot.

Image result for microsoft mvp logo

Now I’m sure this is only the start, there is a lot of hard work ahead to keep hold of this award for some years to come. For now though, I’m just going to enjoy this moment.


Thanks all


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